Minggu, 30 Juni 2013

lirik lagu I’m With You by avril lavigne

I’m standing on the bridge, I’m waiting in the dark,
I thought that you’d be here, by now.
There’s nothing but the rain, no pictures in the dark,
I’m listening but there’s no sound.
Isn’t anyone tryin to find me,
Won’t somebody come take me home

It’s a damn cold night,
Tryin to figure out this life,
Won’t you take me by the hand, take me somewhere new,
I don’t know who you are, but I,
I’m with you
I’m with you       umm
I’m lookin for a place, I’m searching for a face,
Is there anybody here I know.
Cause nothing’s goin’ right, and everythings a mess,
And no one likes to be alone
Isn’t anyone tryin to find me,
Won’t someone come take me home

Oh, why is everything so confusing,
Maybe I’m just out of my mind
Yeah-ee-yeah, yeah-ee-yeah
Yeah-ee-yeah, Yeah-ee-yeah


 End ….
I’m with you
I’m with you
I’m with you

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